Our goal is to help you retain your deposit

Heat/AC Etiquette

During the summer months – if you choose to have the windows open in your apartment, please be sure to turn your Heat/AC unit OFF. This prevents waste and unnecessary costs. It is very simple to do so, there is a small switch on the left hand side of the thermostat that will allow you to turn it off.

Cooking Etiquette

Please be sure to clean your cooking surfaces after you cook. Our goal is to ensure you receive your full deposit back but letting pots/pans overflow can cause a mess that is hard or impossible to remove. Also do not let water run or the stove top be on without your supervision. This will prevent flooding and smoke alarms from being set off. Additionally, use the fan above the stove to help minimize the smoke coming from your cooking. Furthermore, if you are making foods that carry a strong smell it is recommended to turn off your heat/ac and open the window to help air out your apartment and reduce the smells that linger into the hallways.

Sink Etiquette

Please do not put food, oil or fat from cooking down the drain in the sink. These items clog the sink and can cause flooding. If the problem is severe enough for us to call in a professional plumbing company, the cost of doing so will be placed on the resident. Furthermore, minimize the amount of hair that goes down into the sinks, this too can cause blockages that could result in costs to the tenants.

Trash Etiquette

Please do not hold trash for multiple days – trash should be taken out everyday if not every other day. Leaving large bags of trash sitting in your apartment produces unwanted smells in the hallways in addition to attracting unwanted pests. If pest control measures are needed due to the buildup of trash from tenants, the tenant would be responsible for the costs associated with the treatment. Furthermore if complaints persist of unwanted smells in the hallways, inspections will be conducted and fines will be given to the tenants responsible for the unwanted smell. Also be sure your trash is not leaking, any mess that is created in the hallways will have to be professionally cleaned and will be charged back to the resident. Leaving trash on the ground, blocking the dumpster will also lead to fines to the resident.

Laundry Etiquette

Please do not do laundry in your shower or sink. We have laundry onsite for you to do this in a safe and effective manner. By doing laundry in your shower or sink you run the risk of flooding the floor and this is very costly. If there is water damage to the floor, there will be costs to the tenant to replace it. Furthermore, if the flooding enters the floor below your apartment and damages another unit in any way, the tenant would be responsible for all costs associated the damage done to other apartments. Additionally, if you are using the laundry room located on the first floor – be sure to clean up after yourself. Leaving dryer sheets, empty bottles and wrappers on the floor is not acceptable.

Contacting Property Management Etiquette

All communication must go through the resident portal. You were instructed and given directions to log in to the resident portal when you first arrived. Emailing or calling property management is for emergency reasons only.
The emergency number is 502.309.2080. This number is also located on the postcard you were given when you arrived with the door codes on it. Contacting property management directly for non emergency reasons will result in a fine to the resident.

Noise Etiquette

Please remember not everyone in the building works the same hours as you and disrupting their sleep after a reasonable hour will result in fines to the tenant.
Sunday – Thursday we expect noise to be kept at a minimum after 9 pm.

Friday – Saturday we expect noise to be kept to a minimum after 11 pm.

Guest Etiquette

At no point should your swipe card or door code be given to anyone that does not live in your apartment. Allowing a person access to the building that is not on the lease will result in immediate removal from the Fincastle and the J1 program. This is a very serious security concern and if you choose to let anyone live in your apartment that is not on the lease – everyone in the apartment is subject to have their J1 status revoked and can be removed from the WWCE program.